Sustainable 9 design + build

Photo of a house built by Sustainable 9 with green building technology

Did you know I almost became an urban forester? Choosing a major at 19, my vision for the Twin Cities was "trees on every roof." Life took me down the path of 200+ musical performances a year instead, and I've exercised my green building inclinations by restoring century-old homes. Needless to say, playing live jazz beneath a green roof, drawing Artisan Home Tour guests in to explore a beautiful new home by Sustainable 9 Design + Build, was a highlight of my musical career. This new home featured solar panels, battery walls, and much more.

Inimitable pianist Lori Dokken and I greeted guests at the door with a jazz duo. As the evening progressed, I followed the party outdoors to continue the festivities on solo guitar. Watch the event video to tour this beautiful home and draw inspiration for incorporating live music into your next party:

With gratitude to Teskey Mediaworks and Gretchen Culver of Rocket Science Events

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